Bone Graft Surgery

If you are facing a problem in smiling to your fullest and the reason behind is the missing teeth, we have the solution for you in the form of the bone graft surgery. The entire procedure is about the dental implants supported by the bone graft surgery. Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines want to let you assured that this surgery is not tough or scary and can also give you the long run benefits.

While we make sure that you retain your beautiful smile through bone augmentation process, we also provide you the aftercare tips of the bone graft surgery. Our dentists Dr. Reynaldo Pita and Dr. Charles Krikorian are always present for you to help you get rid of this problem and make perform the procedure of dental implants followed by the bone grafting.

Why Would You Need Bone Graft Surgery?

Our experienced dentists at Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines will first examine your affected tooth and check if it’s suitable for dental implant or not. If there’s a weakness in your jaw bone or there’s a space, you will be suggested the bone grafting procedure at first to avoid any implant failures. The presence of the proper jawbone in your mouth will lead to the successful osseointegration process and this can be achieved by restoring your lost jaw bone via bone graft surgery.

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Bone Graft Surgery

Types of Bone Graft


The bone graft materials and procedures are based on the following:

Autografts: These bone grafts will be extracted from your body and they are the foremost choice of every dentist. They are able to give away the best results in performing the bone graft surgery, as your own bones have your bone marrow and lets your bone to grow faster. The bones may be taken from your chin, ramus, or hips as these areas have more bone marrow and forms the bone faster.

Allografts: These bones will be taken from some other person and in most of the cases they are taken from the bone banks. If you are not willing for the autograft, you may opt for the allograft process. They are also considered when there’s a need of large blocks of bones for your jawbone including the additional costs for the same. They have a bit slower bone regeneration process in comparison than the autograft, but are available in more quantity for supporting the bone graft surgery.

Xenografts: These bones are mostly taken from other species, such as porcine bones or bovine bones. These bones are only implemented as the scaffold from the parent body and your natural bone replaces it very soon in your jaw bone.

Alloplasts: The synthetic materials are employed on your jawbone and these can be made of hydroxyapatite or calcium phosphates. Your body will then develop the natural bone, so it can become suitable for the dental implants.

So, if you too are witnessing any problem due to the broken teeth, you may get in touch with our dentists at Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines. We make sure that the bone graft surgery is performed based on the condition of your broken tooth, so your jawbone becomes capable of handling the dental implant procedure.

Bone Graft Surgery

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