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Comprehensive Dentistry in Miami & Doral Florida

During your visit at Dental Specialists Group, a full dental evaluation, x-rays allows our dentists and dental hygienists to look at what is going on beneath the surface your teeth. Our dentists use this information to detect hidden dental issues, create and implement a customized treatment plan for you. The main purpose of a general exam, routine x-rays, and dental hygiene is to save you time, money, pain from dental disease, and ensure an optimal oral health.

Our dental care providers will evaluate your dental and medical history and consider any other medical issues to diagnose you properly. New patients will be getting a full dental evaluation and x-rays to have records on file. After your dental evaluation, x-rays and teeth cleaning, we encourage you to visit our dentists every 6 months (if there are no issues found) to maintain your optimal oral health. However, if there is treatment to be done, we would love to help you schedule an appointment to get those oral health issues addressed. Please feel free to visit our website or contact us at (786) 355-4401 for any questions. We offer our dental care services to the communities of Doral, Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, Kendall, Sweetwater, Weschestern, and Miami Florida.

During your evaluation, our dentists will be able to check and diagnose the following:

  • Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.
  • Abscesses
  • cysts.
  • Bone loss.
  • Tooth decay
  • Developmental teeth abnormalities.
  • Problems inside your tooth and below the gum line.

Our beautiful high-tech dental clinic and experienced dentists provide a comfortable and serene atmosphere during your dental appointment. Whether you’re visiting us for a hygiene appointment, an emergency dental treatment, cosmetic filling, or extensive restorative work, we guarantee that you will feel at home in our safe and comfortable practice. We invite you to make your appointment today, call (786) 355-4401

If you are having are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, call our Emergency Dentist in Doral, Florida. Our staff will be delighted to help you with your dental emergency and get you to go back to normal.

  • $39 For Full Dental Exam & X-rays
  • FREE 2nd Opinions (Bring X-rays)

D0150 & D0210 or D0220/D0230/D0274

*Not valid with other offers, insurances, or prior services. This offer is only valid to new patients. This offers can be applied to different family members.
*Patient must bring x-rays to the consultation for the FREE 2nd Opinion

Whats Periodontal Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease is diagnosed by our dentist or dental hygienist at Dental Specialists Grou during a periodontal or routine dental examination. We always evaluate this issues during our new patient exam to keep our new patients healthy.<

periodontal probe (small dental instrument) is gently used to measure the sulcus (pocket or space) between the tooth and the gums. During your dental examination, you will hear our dentist, either say numbers or talk to the assistant to write down a few numbers in certain locations of your mouth. The depth of a healthy sulcus measures three millimeters or less and does not bleed. The periodontal probe helps indicate if your gum pockets are deeper than three millimeters. As periodontal disease progresses, the pockets usually get deeper. If your gum pockets are above four milliliters, it is more than likely that you may need a deep cleaning, but our dentist will let you know what is going on in detail (since every patient is unique)

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