Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)

The primary role played by Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) is to perform a deep cleaning of your gingival tissues, i.e. gums, to help you get rid of the inflammations. The most common problems that are treated under the SRP procedure are removing the plaque and tartar. If our dentists at the Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines find that you are suffering from a severe periodontal disease, you will be given a local anesthesia followed by the deep cleaning of your gums and roots.

Scaling and Root Planing are one of the most efficient ways of deep cleaning of your gums without any surgery. Before suggesting you the SRP process, our dentists, Dr. Reynaldo Pita and Dr. Charles Krikorian will examine your teeth and inform you about the level of oral disease you are suffering from. If you have wide gum pockets, you will have to undergo the deep cleaning procedure to control your gum disease to spread further.

Why Do You Need a Deep Cleaning?

You can take scaling and root planing, i.e. deep cleaning as the measure to prevent an increasing rate of periodontitis. Following are some of the reasons about why our dentists at Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines will suggest you the procedures:

Tooth Protection: This process works harder to protect your gums when the pockets are opened and plaque or tartar start to collect in them. The bacterias also start to reside here and acts as a catalyst to your oral disease by deteriorating the tooth condition by harming the gum tissue and the jaw bone.

Disease Safety: The periodontal bacteria have been found responsible for lung and heart problems also. The scaling and root planing stops the growth of bacteria by a deep cleaning of the gums and killing the bacteria before they start to harm you.

Better Breath: The bacteria in your mouth start to make dental pockets and the food particles get stuck in them. This can make your mouth to have a bad odor, which alleviates the bad condition of your gums. The Scaling and Root Planing helps in removing these food particles and prevent them damaging your tooth roots and gums further.

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Scaling and Root Planing Procedure



We will use the dental instruments for removing the tartar or plaque from the gingival, i.e. the ultrasonic scaling tools. If needed, an irrigation process will also be performed as sometimes the bacteria start to reside below the gums, hence an antimicrobial agent is added in the mouth under your gums.

Root Planing:

Herein, our dentists will remove microorganisms or tartar causing your bad oral health. The cementum and the dentin on the surface are removed, followed by the smoothening of the root, so it can heal faster with the help of this deep cleaning procedure.

If you feel any symptoms of the oral disease, you are suggested not to waste time and come across to have a word with our dentists at Dental Specialists of Pembroke Pines. We ensure that you will be given the best Scaling and Root Planing treatment.


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